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Sequence Dancing

Sequence Dance with Alan and Ginny

Sequence Dancing is one of the most popular pastimes in the country. It is for all ages and is based on the Ballroom and Latin Dances.

At Dance for fun you can learn all the popular Sequence Dances along with the new ones that appear each week.

TUESDAY: 7pm to 9pm Every Tuesday – BALLROOM and LATIN NIGHT. Only £7.50 per person. St Johns Hall, Parkinson St Bury. BL9 6NY. We have two classes this evening. Ring for information on which to join.

Please check that the class is on before coming along. Tel 07860 561983. Thank you.

Friday night is SEQUENCE NIGHT: St Pauls Hall – Black Pits Road Norden – 7.25pm to 8.25pm – ADVANCED CLASS only £8.00 per person. Anyone can join this class at any time, we are teaching new dances all the time so it’s easy and convenient to join at any week.

Sequence Dance Classes, learning all the popular favourites plus new dances as they are invented.

Sunday: St Pauls Hall – Black Pits Road Norden. – Ring First to ensure class is on. Tel 07860 561983 – Alan and Ginny

Learn ANY sequence dance with us in the form of a private lesson. Its a quick and convenient way to learn. Sunday afternoon dancing, perfect!

You will learn some lovely dances both old and new.

Ring 07860 561983 for more Information.

You are able to learn ANY Sequence Dance with us. From one of the popular dances to any newly invented dance. JUST ASK and we can teach you.

Here is just a small sample of the thousands of dances available to you  :  Charnwood Cha Cha, Waltz Serenade, Sierra Foxtrot, Forever Foxtrot, Crystal Rumba, Trappist Tango,  Christmas Waltz, Black Onyx Tango,Saunter Shiraz, Engagement Waltz, Woodside Waltz, Saunter Together, Rumba Cascade, September Waltz, Star Ruby Rumba plus many many more.

We can also teach you The Glenroy Foxtrot and Argentine Stroll

So far our classes have learned: Welcome waltz, Saunter Together, Blue Angel Rumba, Queen of Hearts Rumba, Mambo Marina, Mambo Magic, Broadway Quickstep, Sheldon Saunter, Tina Tango, Tayside Tango, Tango Serida, Ennerdale Waltz, Catherine Waltz, White City Waltz, Christmas Waltz, Alpine Stroll, Mayfair Quickstep, Rumba One, Rumba Rosalee, Melody Foxtrot, Iris Foxtrot, Balmoral Blues, Sally Ann Cha Cha, Jacqueline Cha Cha, Waltz Marie, Valentine Jive, Viennese Swing, Christmas Waltz, Selby Swing, Wild Cherry Cha Cha, Woodside Waltz, Sweet Bay Salsa, and many many more.

DANCING IS FUN – Go on, give it a try.